Besides erectile dysfunction, erectile disorders include weak erection, when the penis is not sufficiently filled with blood and, consequently, cannot be inserted into the vagina for sexual intercourse.

The main causes of weak erection are various disorders of the urogenital system, cardiovascular pathologies, penis injuries, neurologic disorders and disorders in the nervous system.  Other reasons might include drug overdose, or alcohol or narcotic intoxication. If the psychological factor is the cause of weak erection, then erection is retained in one’s sleep or in the morning, however, it’s not possible to reach stable erection during sexual intercourse.

Diagnosing the causes of weak erection should reveal the main reasons of the disorder. As a rule, it’s necessary to undergo examination by an urologist, as well as to consult a sexual health specialist, cardiologist, and a psychoneurologist.

Urologist’s examination includes ultrasonic testing of organs in the pelvis and groin, vessels and arteries? blood test, determining the conduction of the genital organ with the help of a special pharmacological test, etc.

According to the results of these tests, treatment of weak erection is conducted.  If the risk of cardiovascular disorders is absent, then weak erection is treated with hormone therapy, psychotherapy, drugs increasing potency (Levitra/vardenafil, Viagra/sildenafil and similar ones), injections into the penis, as well as the usage of intraurethal medicines (suppositories).

Weak erection: reasons and treatment