Some time ago Viagra became of great help to those having erectile dysfunction. However, this drug has quite a lot of minuses. Still it has opened a new era in treating erectile dysfunction. Levitra (Vardenafil) is a more modern medical development in this sphere. From this article you’ll get more detailed information about Levitra’s advantages as compared to other drugs.

For a start, let’s have a look at some numbers that show us that Levitra is really better than the drugs mentioned above. Vardenafil was created several years ago. During this time the drug’s manufacturers as well as scientists from various countries carried out about a hundred clinical trials of Levitra. Men of various ages, up to ninety years, participated in clinical tests. The reasons causing erectile dysfunction among such a wide range of test persons also differ from each other a lot. With a standard Levitra dosing, improvement of potency was observed in more than 85% participants of the experiment. When taking a more individual approach then Levitra’s efficiency reaches 92%. This is why before buying Levitra you’d better visit a doctor and get advice on the dosage and use of this drug.

Levitra effectively helps even those men to whom Viagra was of no help. According to scientific data, 62% of men who used this drug without success were quite satisfied with Levitra’s effect.  Another Levitra’s benefit is that it can cure impotence even in those who suffer from diabetes. In such patients’ group Levitra’s efficiency reached 72%. About 70% of patients who underwent prostatectomy also observed Levitra’s effective action.

In most cases the greatest Levitra’s dosing shouldn’t be used, as it was intended for treating the above-mentioned severe impotency cases. For 92% of men the dosage of 10mg of Levitra is enough.  It should be also highlighted that the body does not get used to Levitra’s action and does not require further increasing the drug dosage.

Being so powerful, Levitra has fewer side effects than similar drugs. It is connected with the fact that vardenafil, the active substance of Levitra drug, affects only the enzymes in the body of penis, with almost no effect on the enzymes in other parts of the body. This is why you practically shouldn’t care about side effects of taking Levitra.

Only 2% of men using Levitra complain of changes in visual perception. Cold is observed in 10% of men, and certain changes of digestion are observed in 4% of men. Cheek redness occurs in 12% of patients taking Levitra and most often, in sixteen percent of cases, insignificant headache is observed. However, you shouldn’t worry, as all the side effects do not require any treatment, as they disappear very soon.

The main contraindications of Levitra are severe disorders of heart and vessels. If your heart is relatively healthy, then you can take Levitra without any concerns. There are certain limitations to taking Levitra with other drugs. This is why, before taking Levitra please read the instructions carefully and consult your doctor.

Levitra (Vardenafil) and Its Efficiency in Numbers