levitra softLevitra Soft is sublingual tablets for treatment of erectile dysfunction. These tablets dissolve in the mouth in a couple of seconds. Levitra Soft tabs almost instantly release active pharmacological substance Vardenafil, providing quick recovery of male sexual functions.

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Already in 2-3 minutes after Levitra Soft tab intake, the active substance Vardenafil gets into the blood stream. And in 5-7 minutes, Vardenafil amount reaches therapeutic concentration in the blood.

Levitra Soft is a fast acting pharmaceutical form of Levitra drug, designed for erectile dysfunction treatment. Undoubted advantage of sublingual Levitra Soft tabs over oral Levitra tablets is that men do not necessarily plan their sexual intercourse after they took Levitra Soft tabs.

5-7 minutes after Levitra Soft tabs intake, men’s ability to have sex will be completely restored. And it’s not all, Levitra Soft tabs have nice taste and you don’t have to take them with water. That is why man can use Levitra Soft tabs without being noticed by the sexual partner.

And the last but not the least, Vardenafil Soft tabs can be prescribed for men, who have issues with swallowing ordinary oral tablets. Whereas before, men who could not swallow pills, had to crush Levitra tablets into pieces and mix them with water, nowadays they don’t have to do that anymore.