Levitra side effects are slightly expressed, temporal and dose-dependent.

  • Most typical Levitra side effects are: headache; indigestion; redness of the face; stuffy nose; nausea and giddiness. Probability of typical Levitra side effects varies from 1% to 10%.
  • Non-typical Levitra side effects, occurring in less than 1% of men, are shown as: backache; muscle pain; sleepiness; increased muscle tone; change in heart rhythm; facial swelling; low blood pressure; high sensitivity of skin to the UV rays (photoallergy).

Considering the fact that Levitra side effects are dose-dependent, their probability is higher when increasing the recommended daily dosage of Levitra. The most frequent Levitra side effects associated with overdose are anaphylactic reactions (edemas, suffocation, generalized itching) and severe pain in the man’s back.

Levitra side effects are reversible and in most cases cause no psychoemotional or physiological discomfort in a man with erectile dysfunction.

Severe side effects may occur in case Levitra pills were taken together with high amount of alcohol, or in case Levitra pills were taken more than once a day.

In order to reduce a risk of side effects, time interval between using the next dose of Levitra must be at least 24 hours (regardless of Levitra daily dose).

Levitra side effects