Erection of penis is a complex process, activated due to relaxation of penile cavernous bodies and arterioles regulating peripheral vascular resistance.

Under sexual stimulation of the penis, nerve endings of the cavernous bodies release nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps to relax the smooth muscle tissues and the arterioles placed in the cavernous bodies.

Because of relaxation of smooth muscles and arterioles in cavernous bodies, the vascular resistance is decreased and more blood flows to the penis.

The pharmacological action of Levitra is an enhancement of physiological reactions, as a response on sexual stimulation of the penis. Levitra action impacts on nitric oxide to relax arterioles in the penile cavernous bodies. It results in more blood flow comes in the penis, providing full erection. Duration of Levitra action does not depend on man’s age and erectile dysfunction severity.

  • When treating severe erectile dysfunction, Levitra activates the natural physiological process of erection only as a response under penis sexual stimulation.
  • In case if man is not satisfied with quality or duration of natural erection, Levitra ensures improved erection quality even with visual sexual stimulus.
Levitra mechanism of action